BMW Dent Repairs

March 22, 2009

Here is a BMW 530XI that had two small nickle size door dings on the right front door and one door dent that was about 2 inches in the right rear door.

This was repaired at a considerable savings of time and money compared to auto body repairs. The customer had received an estimate from the BMW dealer body shop for $600 to repair the door dings.

We repaired these dents with paintless dent repair in about an hour at a cost of $200.

BMW Dent Repair

We had a busy year in 2008 at Excel Dent Removal with hail damage repairs in Minnesota . We had repaired over several hundred vehicles with hail damage in the summer and fall months of 2008. We also repaired several cars and trucks with door dings and dents.

With all the repairs we were not able to keep up with updating this blog. We did keep track of all the repairs and have before and after pictures of all the excellent dent repairs that we made. We will be posting about those repairs from last year and the repairs that we have for 2009. We also will have a couple of videos showing the repair process coming soon.

We are also in the process of completing our new office and customer waiting area. For the past few months we have been working on creating this waiting area so that our customers can have a comfortable area to wait while their vehicle is being repaired. If you have been to Excel Dent Removal before the renovation be sure to come by and see the new customer area.
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