Paintless Dent Repair at the Auto Dealer

June 8, 2009

This is a great article on knowing what to expect from the auto dealers. Check it out @ What the Car Fax Report Doesn’t Tell You.

I have been doing paintless dent repair for over 11 years. The auto dealers want to get their vehicles repaired at the cheapest price possible. Most are not concerned with the quality of the repairs, they just want to get the car repaired enough that the customer may not notice.

I have noticed that most people think that if they take their vehicle to the dealer they expect to get a quality repair and pay the cost to have it repaired right. When it comes to the auto reconditioning, this is not always the case. Most vendors that are doing the repairs at the dealer are not doing a quality repair. They may be inexperienced or just trying to do a quick repair because they are not charging for a proper repair. Now this is not the case with all auto repair companies. Some companies do care about their business and provide excellent repairs for their customers. They take pride in their work and will always do the best repair they can.

Some things you can look for to see if the vehicle has not been properly repaired with paintless dent repair are: small pick marks in the paint, “wrinkles” in the metal, minor cracks or chips in the paint, and holes punched or drilled in the interior door jams. A professional paintless dent removal technician will have the experience and knowledge to repair the vehicle without causing these problems.

If you are looking to have you car repaired with paintless dent removal, make sure the company has references other than the dealer and that they can show you some other repairs they have done. Paintless dent repair is a skilled profession and not all technicians are able to provide proper repairs. There are some companies that can provide a quality repair and others that you should not trust with your vehicle. Your vehicle is your second biggest investment, do not trust the cheapest person with your repairs.

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5 Responses to “Paintless Dent Repair at the Auto Dealer”

  1. Wow, cool site on auto body work, kind of like the one Stephen Dent created. I like yours better though.

  2. Wow, Great site all kind of dent removal. Paint less dent repair was a great choice to remove dent.Thanks for the sharing nice information about the paint less Dent repair auto dealer

  3. I’ve found the dealerships in irving to actually be pretty good, but I guess that’s not the same everywhere

    • exceldent said

      Yes, it is not always the same at every auto dealer. It will depend on the vendors that the dealer is using for there repairs. If the dealer has in-house paintless dent repair they may be more inclined to provide better service. It is always best to ask how many years of experience the tech has and if they have any references or examples of previous work that they have done.

  4. Dealers are a funny situation. Yes, they only want their dents looking 80-90% better, so they’re enticing to newbies or hacks.
    At the same time, guys who can do quality repairs can only spend a limited amount of time per repair in order to actually make any money. This means no detailing, cross checking and even allows drilling.

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