It was a beautiful day on Monday to do some dent repair outside. I had a couple of customers that wanted me to make some minor paintless dent repairs in Brooklyn Park at their homes. Being it was such a nice day and it was just a short drive from our dent repair shop in Blaine, I was able to offer the mobile service. I would like to do most repairs at our shop, that way we have access to all of our tools and there is no issue with the weather when making repairs indoors. Mobile service is good for minor door dings that take less than an hour. If the repairs are going to take longer than that, it is best to have them done at our dent removal shop.

The first repair for the day was on a Audi A6. This car was a lease return and was inspected by an inspection company before turning it back in. The inspection noted the dent and that it could be repaired before returning it back to the dealer.  I was able to remove the dent that was between 1 and 2 inches. The cost to repair the dent was $100.

Audi A6 door dent

The next repair in Brooklyn Park was another similar dent on an Olds Aurora. The dent was about 2 inches and the cost of repair was $100.

Olds Aurora dent removal