Porsche Dent Repair in MN

January 28, 2015

This video shows a dent that I removed with paintless dent repair on a Porsche Panamera 4.

My customer from Blaine MN came in to have this dent removed since he had backed into the mail box. I was able to use PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) method to remove this dent without having a costly repaint or diminish the value of the car.

I was able to start with the “glue pull” method to pull up some of the dent and minimize how much pushing I would have to do from behind the dent. I then removed some of the interior to gain access to the back of the panel. Doing this allowed me to finish pushing the dent out with PDR tools. The rear hatch on this Porsche is aluminum. Removing a dent on an aluminum panel takes some extra skill and patience since it reacts different than removing a dent on a steel panel.

Here we have another excellent repair and a happy customer.

What happens when you back out of the driveway on garbage day?

It looks like the garbage can got in the way again.

I have seen many cars and trucks that have dents in the back deck lid or a rear quarter panel from backing into the garbage can. Many of these have been repaired with paintless dent repair at a considerable discount compared to having the panel repaired with the fillers and paint used in conventional auto body repair.

A 2003 Cadillac CTS. The dent was in the rear part of the deck lid. Cost to repair was $200.

Cadillac Deck Lid