The door of this 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid was repaired with paintless dent repair. The drivers door received a good hit to it.  The impact made what looks to be two dents, but it is caused when something hits the door at the point where there is the safety impact beam inside the door panel. This causes the door to “wrap” around the impact beam and to making the metal of the door to stick out. It then leaves dents above and below the beam.

This can be a complex dent to repair with paintless dent removal. It involves removing the part of the damage that is pushed out using special tools that will not damage the outside paint finish of the panel.  We then use the traditional paintless dent repair method to slowly work the dent out from inside the panel moving the metal with small pushes.

The pictures below shows the damage before the repair, during mid repair, and the final finished repair.

The cost to repair the dent was $175. This would have been about $300 to $500 with conventional auto body repairs. The repair time took under 3 hours. Compare that to 2 to 4 days at an auto body shop.

Honda Civic Dent Repair