Removing a Large Dent Without Painting

My customer came to me from Andover MN to have this large dent in the fender of his Chevy Silverado repaired with Paintless Dent Removal. He was backing out of the driveway and didn’t see that the trash can was out. He bumped the garbage can with the truck and caused this large dent in the fender.

large dent from hitting trash can

No Paint Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair does not use any of the conventional auto body repair methods like sanding, grinding, filling with plastic and painting. The Paintless Dent Removal method of repairing dents uses special PDR tools that move the metal back out from the inside of the panel. This is the reason that no painting is need to repair dents and dings in your car. Paintless Dent Repair does not damage your existing paint on your vehicle and saves you from losing value in your car because of having the car repainted.

I was able to repair this dent in the fender of the Silverado with Paintless Dent Removal.

You can see the results in this video—>

If you had a minor collision with the trash can, then contact me today to have an Excellent Paintless Dent Repair here at Excel Dent Removal

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This was a dent in a Kawasaki motorcycle gas tank. The customer had his bike idling in his driveway in Andover. He noticed that it was staritng to roll forward off it’s stand when he then “caught” the bike with his knee. This dent in the tank was about three inches.

This was a complex dent to repair. With paintless dent repair, the best way to make the repairs is to push the dents out from the back side of the panel. Since there is fuel in the tank and the access to remove the dent is not possible through the fuel filler hole, we then use a special pulling method from the outside of the panel. This is not some “magic trick” repair or some “as seen on tv” type tool to pull the dents out. We use special “tabs” and attach them to the dent on the panel. We then will repeat this process several times removing the dent a little at a time. Minor scuffs are then buffed out, giving an excellent repair.

This repair in the tank was not repaired to our 100% excellent repair standards, but the customer was 100% satisfied with the repair. Cost to repair this type of dent would be about $200. Since this dent was not able to be repaired to our standards, I had charged only $100.