Is it possible to remove large dents with Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)?

There are a few questions I am often asked about PDR.

  • Can paintless dent repair remove large dents?
  • Can you repair a crease with paintless dent removal?
  • Can dents in a body line be removed paintless?

These are some common questions and misconceptions about PDR. With the new advancements and techniques today, all of these are possible. There is no longer a need to send your car off to the body shop for days to have the costly method of having them repaired and painted.

In this video you will be able to see all three of these types of dents are indeed possible.

This dent in the fender of the Toyota Sienna minivan was a large dent with a crease right through the body line. My customer from Coon Rapids MN had a small collision that cause the damage to the fender.
Paintless Dent Removal was the best method to use for this repair.

If you have had a minor collision or need a small dent repaired, then contact us for an excellent repair.

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More Large Collision Repair Videos over on my YouTube Channel

Here is an example of saving money when choosing to use PDR over a conventional auto body repair.

This vehicle came to us from one of the body shops that we service. Eric over at Coon Rapids Collision had given the customer an estimate for body repair. The estimate was about $750. He then told the customer that this dent could also be repaired with PDR and could save him over half off the estimate he had just given him. The customer gave us a call and set up an appointment for an estimate. We came out and said we could do the repair for $250. This was only a third of the cost to repair it at the body shop.

The repair to the 2005 Toyota Solara turned out excellent and the customer was only without their car for a few hours.