When looking to get paintless dent repair (PDR) done in Minnesota, you want it to be easy.

Well at Excel Dent Removal we want to make the process easy for you to get those dings and small shopping cart dents removed from your car.

Check out this video to see how easy it can be.

Did Your Car Get a Dent?

Fix it with Paintless Dent Repair in 3 Easy Steps

1. Contact Excel Dent Removal

It’s Easy to get a Free Estimate¬†and Schedule an Appointment

2. Bring in Your Car for Repair

then sit back and Relax while the repairs are made

3. Feel Satisfied knowing your car is New again

Here are some door dents on a Mercedes that were repaired with paintless dent repair at our Blaine Minnesota auto dent repair shop.

Most minor door dings can take less than an hour to repair. With the cost of paintless dent repair starting at $75 you will be saving time and money over using conventional auto body shop repair.

The dents on this Mercedes took less than an hour to repair at a cost of $100 – $150.


Mercedes Door Dents/ Paintless Dent Repair


Contact Excel Dent Removal when you need to have the dings and dents removed from your Mercedes.

How can you save money using paintless dent removal? Our customer Ryan had received an estimate at an auto body shop for $620 to repair the small dents on both rear doors of his Ford F150 truck. He would have had to leave his truck at the auto body shop for a few days for the repair. The body shop would then have had to grind off the factory paint from his doors then fill the damage with bondo to smooth out the dents. They would then repaint the doors. All of that work is not necessary when you could use a paintless dent repair company. At Excel Dent Removal we were able to repairs the dents in just a few hours and at less than half of the body shop estimate.

If you are looking for an alternative to auto body repairs, choose Excel Dent Removal of Minnesota to repair you vehicle.

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