Paintless Dent Repair Estimate Guide

May 2, 2008

If you just recently noticed that dent on your car or if it has been there for a while. You may be wondering, how much will it cost to have that ding removed?

We have a guide that you can use to estimate a price range for paintless dent repair.

PDR Estimate Guide

This guide will give you an idea on the average price for pdr for dents from one to six inches. You can see that a dent that is one inch or less is $69. A door ding that is from one to two inches will be $99.

When using the guide, the price for dent repair is priced per panel on the vehicle. When removing dents on the same panel the price for additional dents are discounted.

Using the estimate guide, you can see that each additional dent on the same panel would be $25 for a one inch dent and $50 for each two inch dent.

This estimate guide is just that, a guide. There are other factors that go into estimating the cost of paintless dent repair. We also take into account the depth of the dent. If a dent is deeper that average, causing the metal to be stretched more than normal. We may also need to remove interior panels or taillights to access the panels for a proper repair. All of these factors may increase the amount of the repair.

There are times that the repair may cost less than what the guide shows. The dent may be larger, but if it is easy to access and is not a sharp dent or creased. We will give a lower price.

If the vehicle has hail damage, there is a different estimating guide used. We have a system that takes into account the size, depth, and amount of the dents per panel. We then have a formula that will give a price per panel. This formula is a combination of years of experience repairing and estimating hail and the pricing guidelines set by the insurance companies.

Check out our website for a PDF file of our estimate guide that you can download and print for estimating your vehicle.

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